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    Axcon Valves About Us


    Achieve customer satisfaction throught timely & cost effective supply of valves of consistently high quality.


    Material of construction, including gaskets, seals and safely devices carefully selected for compatibility.


    Doin' it our way. Nothin's gonna turn us back now. Straight ahead and on the track now.

    Company Overview

    The Axcon Valves Company designs, develops, Valve Manufacturers in Ahmedabad Gujarat.  we are targeting all Indian valve industries to give OEM services. Which specialises in the manufacture and export of Large diameter and made-to-order butterfly valve and their respective controls and actuators. These valves are used primarily in the Chemical Plant, Power Plant, water, wastewater, and industrial markets.



    Our vision is to become the name and first choice supplier in indian valve industries for design and manufacture in our chosen market sectors, providing our customers with products and services that improve their performance, and provides growth for our business.

    We strive to continually improve on all aspects of our daily operations.  Our mission, coupled with our product line manufactured to the highest quality standards, continues to be what separates us from the competition.


    We believe that continuous investment in the skills and professional development of our people is the basis for our business success – past, present & future.

    • We are demanding of ourselves and each other.
    • We treat others with respect & honesty.
    • We understand the consequences of our actions.



    We will realise our vision by achieving five key strategic goals, forming the backbone of our strategy. Together these will drive excellence, innovation leading to sustainable and profitable growth.

    Customer First

    To always provide the best possible customer response, service and support


    To continually invest time and money into every strand of our business – research & development, design, engineering, manufacture, operations, sales and marketing, delivery and administration.

    Business Development

    To expand geographically into new global markets and into new industrial sectors which need our world leading engineering and technological expertise


    With a proven world class engineering competency we will continue to invest significantly in the development of new ideas and technologies.


    We will continue to attract, retain and reward great people, the lifeblood of our business. Continuous professional development and ‘best practice’ are crucial to our business.

    As a leading industrial valve manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products.

    With the most complete multi-turn product line for a single source manufacturer, our valves are produced to the highest quality standards with ultra-modern manufacturing technology and astute materials sourcing.

    FERROTECH VALVE aspires to deliver on-time world-class quality products managed by a highly experienced management team, continued investment, customer focus and continuous alignment to the dynamics driving the global markets.